Start up Smart

This book will not make you a million in three months and it doesn’t make any wildly optimistic claims about saving the world, changing the way we think about business or improving your chances of pulling.

What it does do is give an honest, detailed, straightforward description of how to start a small business from scratch, with relatively little money, and how that business can give you a decent income with little or no risk in the long term.

Robin Bennett guides you through the key steps involved in setting up and running a business. He shows that it’s possible for anyone to become their own boss, and that it can be done without ending up in debt to the bank or completely stressed out.

Delivered in a lighthearted and down-to-earth way, the advice contained in these pages is based on what Robin has found to work over the last 20 years in business. It shows how you can do it too – how you can use this knowledge to start up, and most importantly, start up smart!