Monster Max Series

By Robin Bennett, illustrations by Tom Tinn-Disbury

Max is an unusual 9-year-old. He can turn himself into a huge, hairy monster by BURPING. Being a monster is brilliant, unless he sneezes, which makes him turn back into a boy and never at the right moment … he often finds himself far from home in just his pants.

Monster Max and the Bobble Hat of Forgetting

Max has promised his dad he is going to be a better monster. From now on he will only ‘Protect and Do Good Stuff’! However, turning over a new leaf isn’t easy. His arch enemy, Peregrine (and his devilishly amazing inventions), are doing his best to catch Max and throw him and his mum in a zoo. On top of this, something is causing a lot of damage in their quiet, leafy suburb and it isn’t Max.

Can Max catch the real villain before Peregrine catches him?

Book Trust Pick
Winner Coventry Inspiration Book Awards

Monster Max and the Marmalade Ghost

Max and Peregrine are volunteering at an old people’s home, when strange things start to happen. One resident is flying, one is riding their wheelchair through walls and Reggie says his marmalade is haunted (no-one listens). Fanghorn has sent evil spirits to their quiet suburb and it is up to Max and his friends to protect his family and the local community once again.

But the Marmalade Ghost is turning into sticky Godzilla, Max falls out with his best friend and, just when things can’t get any worse, someone kidnaps Max’s cat, Frankenstein.

Can they get Frankenstein back, safe and sound?

Can Max patch things up with Peregrine before they all meet a sticky end?

Will breakfast toast ever be the same again?

Book Council of Wales Book of the Month March
‘Plenty of epic battles, spooky, icky, sticky jokes and fun,’ Book Trust

Monster Max … this time it’s Sirius

When Max and his best friend Peregrine realise that a dangerous pack of wolves from Max’s home country of Krit are closing in, Peregrine sets about building a fortified treehouse to keep them safe. But Max is distracted and doesn’t want to help. He hasn’t told anyone about the tiny orphaned wolf cub he found, smuggled home with him, and decided to keep…