Picus The Thief – Small Vampires Book Series Volume 1

Picus has a lot of powerful enemies. His aristocratic parents have disowned him for supposedly being a coward; the violent vampire, Raben, is after him to exact revenge for theft; the faie, Queen Mab (aka the Tooth Fairy), wants his teeth; and the vampire Eltern wants him to steal the sacred sword of Exkylipyr for them, or else lock him up in a dungeon.

Mousch The Crooked – Small Vampires Book Series Volume 2

Crippled since childhood and half blind, Moüsch must use his unusual talent to find the Chalice before Corbeau.

Raptor The Avenger – Small Vampires Book Series Volume 3

Raptor, the child-general, must defeat Corbeau in open battle and finally unite the seven treasures and the powers of the ancient Vampire Picus and the legendary Moüsch to face the Thin Man in the final conflict.