Discover our hilarious picture book about healthy eating and read the true story of how the smoothie was invented.

An army of not-so-innocent children, two towns that don’t give a fig for each other and one massive food fight … the rest is culinary history.

The Fruitopians only eat fruit, in Vegtaville they’re mad about greens. But their differences are resolved through the power of healthy eating (and throwing food at each other).

‘Fear not my King!’ cried out the Queen.
‘I’ll get them with my aubergine!’
Then from every nook and cranny,
Raced boy and girl, grandpa, granny!
Gunk explosions by the squillion,
Bombs of blue, green and vermillion.

From the printed picture book, to animated stories, online games and merchandise, SPLAT! will engage children and parents alike. Watch this space leading up to our launch of this funny children’s rhyming book about nutrition!

BRONZE MEDAL. This book was awarded a bronze medal in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards.

This is what our readers thought:

Rating: 5 Stars

‘This was very funny.’ Boy, aged 6

‘Such a lot of fun. The children in my infant class loved it, particularly the boys.’ Primary teacher

‘Such an original story. Perfect for messy kids.’ Parent of twins, aged 7

‘I liked the pics best. I thought the food fight was good too. I love food fights with jelly.’ Girl, aged 6

‘What a lovely book to have in a primary school classroom. Very colourful with a sweet, simple story that messy children can relate to.’ Headteacher