Stupendous Sports Series

By Robin Bennett, illustrations by Matt Cherry

Stupendous Sports is a new series of sports books for kids by Robin Bennett which aims to do for PE what Horrible Histories did for Year 7 History with Mr Simkin.

Full of facts, jokes, and great stories about your favourite sports – and ones you’d like to try.

Rampaging Rugby

‘Informative quirky and fun with great illustrations. I would recommend it to any young person…’ – Max Boyce

Foreword and pro tips by Conrad Smith, ex All Black and double World Cup winner

Each chapter has cartoons, player tips your coach won’t tell you, useful explanations, fascinating facts and – yes – funny stories.

Did you know?
Rugby started when Webb Ellis picked up a football during a game and ran with it? (He cheated, basically.)
Basketball was created by a rugby coach who wanted an indoor sport to keep his players fit off-season.
Rugby is played in 119 countries and has over 400 million fans.

Fantastic Football

Hilarious and full of crazy cartoons and fun facts, Fantastic Football is about the spirit of the beautiful game as much as rules. Covering the history of football, the future of the game including the rise in women’s football as well as the importance of diversity, and spotlights on top players, Fantastic Football also features a practical section on player positions, skills and tricks.

Fantastic Football is the second instalment in the Stupendous Sports series.

Cracking Cricket

Cricket is one of the ‘whackiest’ games on Planet Earth. (Probably) invented by bored shepherds, cricket has bounced its way to the second most popular sport in the world!

If you want to know how to bowl a googly or why there’s a place on the pitch called ‘Cow Corner’, stun your friends with your reverse sweep, or be a stats Jedi, this is the book for you!

Cracking Cricket is the third book in the Stupendous Sports series which aims to do for PE what Horrible Histories did for Year 7 History. Full of jokes, cartoons, fun facts, and a spotlight on famous players, it’s perfect for fans, would-be players and newcomers alike.