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Robin’s Story

When Robin grew up he thought he wanted to be a cavalry officer until everyone else realised that putting him in charge of a tank was a very bad idea. He then became an assistant gravedigger in London. After that he had a career frantically starting businesses (everything from dog-sitting to cigars, tuition to translation)… until finally settling down to write improbable stories to keep his children from killing each other on long car journeys.

When not writing or starting companies, Robin plays most sports. Poorly.

Latest Release:
Fieldsports, Foraging and Terrible Ordeals

Out Now!
Available in Hardback, paperback and as an ebook.

This is a book of parts. Part field guide, part memoire and country yearbook. It’s also, by happenstance, a chronicle of calamities – of those unexpected events and terrible ordeals that can occur when you are out and about, just trying to enjoy life.